Reveal Sound Spire v1.5.16 5294 U2B macOS

Reveal Sound Spire v1.5.16 5294 U2B macOS

Meet Spire, the pinnacle of software polyphonic synthesizers where a robust audio engine, advanced modulation capabilities, and a flexible architecture combine seamlessly within an intuitively designed graphical interface. More than just a synthesizer, Spire represents a harmonious fusion of the highest-end features of both software and hardware synthesizers and stands as a revolutionary platform that is reshaping the landscape of electronic music production.

Dominant Sound Engine

At its core, Spire boasts a formidable sound engine that breathes life into music with rich, dynamic, and vibrant tones. Craft sounds that transcend the ordinary, from lush pads to punchy leads and evolving textures. The versatility of Spire’s sound engine opens doors to a world of sonic exploration, providing musicians and producers with an expansive palette to sculpt their sonic vision.

Advanced Modulation Capabilities

Setting itself apart, Spire offers advanced modulation capabilities that infuse soundscapes with life and expressiveness. Manipulate parameters, shape envelopes, and create intricate modulations that evolve over time. The depth and versatility of Spire’s modulation options empower users to inject compositions with an expressive depth that goes beyond the conventional.

Flexible Architecture

Flexibility is paramount in Spire’s architecture. Customize your sound effortlessly, shaping every sonic element from oscillators to filters. The architecture allows for seamless tailoring, turning Spire into a sonic playground where experimentation and creativity flourish. For musicians who reject the confines of conventional sound design, Spire becomes the ultimate companion.

Intuitive Graphical Interface

Navigating Spire’s sonic realm is a visual delight, thanks to its intuitively designed graphical interface. Usability takes center stage, ensuring that both seasoned professionals and newcomers can effortlessly harness Spire’s power. The interface seamlessly integrates with your creativity, providing a smooth and immersive experience as you mold and sculpt your sonic creations.

Bridging Software and Hardware Synthesis

Spire harmoniously converges the precision of cutting-edge software synthesis with the tactile feel and warmth associated with traditional hardware. This synthesis of the best of both worlds results in a powerful instrument that transcends boundaries, offering a sonic palette resonating with innovation and familiarity.

In essence, Spire is more than a synthesizer; it’s a dynamic force propelling music production into uncharted territories. It adapts to your creative vision, offering limitless possibilities for sonic exploration. As you navigate its powerful sound engine, delve into advanced modulation capabilities, and embrace its flexible architecture, Spire transforms from a tool into an extension of your musical identity.


Spire Synthesizer 1.5.16 – build 5294


Fixes for stability in Cubase

Fixes for FootPedal and Sustain functionality

Fixes for microtuning with Scala decoding

Fixes for Breath and Expression functionality

Fixes for Aftertouch functionality

Stability improvements & memory leaks fixes

Reveal Sound Spire System Requirements:


macOS 10.8 or higher required (Intel / M1 Apple Silicon supported) (64-bit only)

Modern Intel, M1 or AMD processors required


Please Note: AAX format is only compatible up to macOS 10.15 Catalina.


Windows 7 – Windows 11 (32 / 64-bit)

Modern Intel or AMD processors required


Compatible host software (DAW):

Ableton Live



Logic Pro

Pro Tools


Studio One

Please Note: Reveal Sound recommends using the 64-bit version of Spire (a 32-bit version is also provided for Windows systems).

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