ZENOLOGY Pro v1.6.5 U2B macOS

ZENOLOGY Pro v1.6.5 U2B macOS

Universal 2 binary format applications and plug-ins run on both Intel x86-64-based and ARM64-based Macintosh computers (“Apple Silicon” / “Apple M1”).

Design your sound
Harness the vast power of the ZEN-Core Synthesis System and dive deep into the world of custom sound design with ZENOLOGY Pro. You get the amazing sound quality and efficiency of ZENOLOGY, plus an expansive interface to craft all-new sounds that inspire your music.

Take control.
The ZEN-Core Synthesis System features an array of detailed parameters to develop big, complex sounds with animated movement. With its clear, resizable interface and multiple edit views, ZENOLOGY Pro provides full access to every aspect of ZEN-Core, letting you create sounds you’ve only imagined.

Go deep.
ZEN-Core is ultra-flexible and based on discrete synth voices called partials—each containing an oscillator, filter, amplifier, and dual Step LFOs. You can use up to four partials simultaneously, choosing from thousands of waveforms, 10 modeled filter types, and 11 LFO shapes. Combining multiple synthesis types, lush effects, and deep modulation capabilities, you’re able to build stunning sounds that spark new ideas.

included models:

ZEN-Core Synthesis System with full editing capabilities.
Over 3500 patches and drum kits, easily expandable to over 7000.
Powerful synth architecture with up to four partials per tone.
4 oscillators with 9 virtual analog waveforms, Supersaw, noise, PCM, and PCM SYNC.
1840 PCM waveforms, easily expandable to over 7000.
10 filter types, including JUPITER and other iconic models.
11 LFO shapes, including tempo-synced Step LFOs with 37 curves per step.
90 effects, including vintage Roland processors like the JUNO-106 chorus.
Edit in software and export to ZEN-Core hardware like FANTOM, JUPITER-X, and more.

VST3 still requires Rosetta 2.