Xfer Records OTT v1.34b Windows and macOS

Xfer Records OTT v1.34b Windows and macOS

Xfer Records OTT, one of the most popular free multi-band compressor plugins for macOS and Windows gets a new high-resolution GUI.

Free plugins offer every user with a computer and a DAW the opportunity to produce music without investing a lot of money. There are also freeware mixing and mastering plugins.

The free compressor plugin OTT by Steve Duda aka Xfer Records, developers of Serum Synthesizer has recently got an excellent update.

Xfer Records OTT

OTT is a multi-band compressor plugin that has a special origin story. Many dubstep and electro producers use Ableton Live as their standard DAW and in this they have special aggressive multiband upwards and downwards compressor settings. These became so popular that Steve Duda of Xfer Records melted them into a free plugin for macOS and Windows.

The plugin allows you to apply compression on both upwards and downwards signals. It is very straightforward and gives you visual feedback of the free frequency bands (high, mid, and low). Each frequency band has a dedicated knob for isolating this particular range. Then you have four control knobs above the visual display: depth, time, in gain, and out gain.

The depth knob is a simple dry/wet controlling the mix of processed and unprocessed signals. Next to this, you have the time knob that controls the attack and release time of all frequency bands. Below this, you have another two controls that set the upward and downward compression amounts.


Xfer Records recently released a major update for the OTT plugin that not only fixes many bugs but also introduces a new GUI. One that significantly improves and simplifies the entire workflow. Plus, the update also brings ARM native support for new macOS computers.

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