Waves Ultimate 14 v09.08.23 Windows

Waves Ultimate 14 v09.08.23 Windows

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Magma Springs

Spring reverb – 7 types, endless style.

The Magic of Spring.

Simply Timeless.

Its metallic twang defined eras, and its *boingy* resonance adds a personal touch on mixes that you need to hear.

Some reverbs melt into the mix. Others boast a distinctive character. Spring reverb does *both*. Once it’s on you can no longer imagine the part without it. This could explain its cult following since the 1950s.

Magma Springs is a collection of our 7 favorite types of spring reverb — each one a peek into a world of style. Try them on any part, any genre, and imbue your tracks with unparalleled magic.

The timeless sound of spring reverb which stylized multiple genres & eras

Perfect to achieve classic Indie, Surf, Motown, Dub, Rock & Roll, Country, and *many* more sounds

7 spring reverb units modeled

Driven by the analog Magma tube sound

Tactile analog workflow for seamless results

Pre-Delay & Feedback controls for wild creative FX options

Release Notes

August 9, 2023

Updated: [Magma Springs] (v14.18.104.534): Fixed an initialization issue when Magma Springs Is loaded in the SuperRack live plugin chainer.

Updated: [eMotion LV1] live mixer software + [eMotion LV1 Session Editor] (v14.20.73.529)

Fixed: Bug causing DSP-optimized mode to be reset when eMotion LV1 is loaded in its last state.

Fixed: Bug causing gain levels to be reset when toggling All Gain/V-Gain (Preamp/Local), after all A/B inputs are toggled.

Fixed: Voltage Amps plugin not loading in the eMotion LV1 Session Editor.

Fixed in WaveShell1-AAX (v14.12.122.413): Meter freezing in AudioSuite preview.

The Waves [DTS broadcast plugins] are once again available for purchase, as part of the DTS Neural Surround and the Broadcast Surround bundles. DTS plugins are not available in Waves Creative Access subscriptions.

August 6, 2023

Waves Central v14.3.1 is now available with the following updates:

Download data added to the Central progress bar.

Improved download process.

5 short in-app tutorials added.

New StudioVerse tab added for quick access to StudioVerse- and StudioRack-related installations.

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