VPS Avenger Expansion Funky House 2

Vengeance Producer Suite Avenger Expansion Funky House 2

This is the XP all House producers waited for: Funky House 2 is here and it has the groove! Manuel Schleis and Andy Hinz teamed up for this huge expansion to pay tribute to their favourite House decade: the early 00s, with awesome artists like Freemasons, Juniorjack or labels like Hed Kandi. Among the 133 complex Avenger presets you will find everything you love: E-basslines, with those fancy slides, 70s vinyl filtered hooks, pianos & strings, brass, multiloop-guitars, 33 complete funky drumkits, granular loops from S&H, effects, bells and over 90 well composed new ARP presets using many seventh chords and other typical intervalls of Disco, French, Filtered, 70s and Funky House. Even in current pop music the funk elements returned, so get this XP now to bring a bit of DISCO to all of your productions!

This expansion adds to your library:

133 Avenger presets 33 new drumkits / sequences

96 new arp patterns 69 new multisamples

30 new granular samples 4 new guitar multiloops

30 new osc-shapes 14 new wavetables

DOWNLOAD 850,31 Mb

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