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Slate Digital VMR Virtual Mix Rack Complete Windows 

VMR empowers audio engineers to craft their ideal channel strips effortlessly, drawing from an extensive library of analog-modeled plugins. With a wide array of modules to choose from, including vintage EQs, compressors, boosters, filters, preamps, mixing consoles, and more, the possibilities are vast. Beyond the rich soundscapes achievable with VMR 2.0, users benefit from enhanced speed and efficiency, thanks to the convenience of managing their entire processing chain within a single window. VMR 2.0 comes bundled with Mix Bundle One, featuring four Slate Digital processing modules: FG-401 Compressor, FG-S EQ, FG-116 FET Compressor, and FG-N EQ.


Adjusted the default values for Custom Opto

Enhanced the Warm Tone settings

Added Custom Opto Factory Presets

Known Issues


Occasional GUI glitches when moving modules

Clicking on a module while any popup menu is open can cause unexpected behavior

Specific Modules

U73b: Slight volume drop when switching from red release (2.5/6/10) to black release (0.3/0.6/1.2)

VCC and Pro Tools only: Default preset randomly loads parameters at 0

VCC: Laggy knobs when using mouse wheels on grouped knobs

VCC: US A Console may cut the audio signal when several VCCs are grouped


Tooltips work only with the focused module


Adobe Audition: Removing VMR VST3 during playback causes a crash

VMR VST2: Fails to pass the scan

Pro Tools and Reaper AU only: Parameter names appear as A-1, A-2, etc.

Rack doesn’t expand in Ozone Standalone

Pro Tools/Cubase/Nuendo/Sonar/Reaper: Parameter names do not update in the automation lines

Triumph only: Offline rendering doesn’t work

Logic Pro only: LED and VU meters do not return to zero when playback is stopped

Logic Pro only: VCC and FG-116 GUI delay glitch when I/O is linked

Sonar and VST2 only: VMR default preset loads with all parameters set to 0

Shared Framework Issues

Live and AU only: Temporary white space appears when resizing the plugin

Adobe Audition and VST3 only: GUI disorder occurs when resizing the plugin

Mac and Live VST2 32-bit only: Resizing moves the GUI

OS X 10.8.5 and Logic Pro only: AU validation fails

OS X Dual-Screen: Potential crash when switching from mirror to split screen mode

Various issues in Harrison Mixbus

Studio One and Intel HD 2000 only: Empty OpenGL area and crash

Popup menus occasionally do not close when clicking on the trigger button

Mac and Wavelab VST2 32-bit only: GUI disorder

Mac only: Save/Save As options still displayed when GUI is hidden behind another application

Windows and Reaper VST3 only: Full-speed offline renders do not correctly read automation

Pro Tools 12: Committing or freezing a track results in a noisy plugins tail

Windows and VST3 DAWs only: Automation dialog may disappear quickly with specific key combinations

WaveLab: Fade-out at boundary (rendering option) doesn’t work in the audio file workspace

OS X 10.11: Sluggish video performance when GUI is open (notably in Pro Tools)

Triumph only: Missing process when rendering

Wavelab and Audio File Workspace only: Silence added at the end of files (1s) when rendering

Windows only: RHS Alt key not recognized

Triumph only: Crash when closing sessions

Triumph only: Plugins are not recalled when reloading a session

Sony Vegas Pro only: Settings/parameters are not recalled

Slate Digital VMR Virtual Mix Rack Complete System Requirements:

Windows 10 or 11

Intel or AMD Processor, 4GB RAM

VST2, VST3, or AAX 64-bit host

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