u-he Synth Bundle 2021.8 Windows

u-he Synth Bundle 2021.8 Windows

From authentic analogue character to flexible modular machines, get the most renowned u-he plug-ins in one powerful bundle at the best price ever. The u-he Collection 2 includes the new Zebra Legacy, the Diva, Hive2, and Repro software synths, plus four unique effects – Presswerk, Satin, Twangström, and Colour Copy.

Hailed as one of the greatest soft synths on the market, Diva offers the best of modern and vintage with mix-and-match components modeled on iconic hardware.

A workhorse synth that’s light on CPU but heavy on sound. A sleek interface, intuitive feedback, and simple modulation routing make Hive 2 perfect for advanced modern sound design.

The power of two classic late-70s/early-80s synths modeled in stunning detail. Authentic and fully tweakable, Repro delivers the very best of mono and poly in one easy-to-use interface.

True-to-life compression and saturation harnessed from a diverse range of analog hardware. Presswerk boasts variable modes for both modern and classic styles.

A versatile and expertly designed tape simulator that breathes life, character, and imperfection into your sounds. Satin is fully personalizable with additional delay and flanger effects.

Twangström is a shapeable spring reverb emulation that unites the character of classic gear with complex modulation capabilities for dynamic results.

Colour Copy takes the best of classic 70s and 80s bucket-brigade delays and fuses it with ultra-modern features and five morphable feedback coloration styles for seamless delay lines.

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