Toontrack EZkeys 2 v2.0.3 macOS

Toontrack EZkeys 2 v2.0.3 macOS

A melody, a chord sequence, or a riff – every great song ever written started with a basic idea. Whether you open EZkeys with a blank slate or a finished track at hand, EZkeys was designed to be the new go-to staple in your creative toolset. With an end-goal of offering maximum versatility, the EZkeys 2 core sound library offers a wealth of ready-made mixes for anything from the purely acoustic to the synthetically layered and the outrageously saturated.

Toontrack EZKeys 2 Features

More than 1,350 individually played MIDI files.

Performed by professional piano player.

Separate folders for riffs, arpeggios, and ostinatos

Styles/genres include ballads, pop, rock, hip-hop, jazz and more.

3/4, 4/4, 6/8 in straight and/or swing feel

Song part categorization


EZkeys 2.0.2 is now available to download using the Product Manager or from the ‘My Products’ area in your Toontrack account. Please note that version 2.0.2 is required for the support of EZkeys sound expansions (EKXs) released from this point forward (Q3 2023).



If the EZkeys 2 core library is not installed, there is now an entry for it in the library menu anyway, under a separate header. Selecting it shows a dialog with a possibility to rescan for the library in case it gets installed while EZkeys 2 is running.

“Open Settings” has been added to the library menu.

Song Track

Notes that are automatically added because of chord changes are now humanized.

“Replace MIDI” and inserting new chord markers can now move syncopations.

Whenever chords are automatically added for a MIDI performance and the analysis finds a single long chord, it now adds a chord marker on every bar (or on a syncopation near the bar).

Suggest Chords

Whenever the Suggest Chords view is open and a selection on the song track makes Suggest Chords actually show chords, the song track items that are not part of the selection are dimmed.

Grooves Tab

In the Options menu in Grooves, there is now an option to exclude empty bars (without notes and CC) at the beginning and/or the end of grooves in User MIDI and linked folders.

Changing velocity now shows +/- on tooltip values to better emphasize that these values are relative and not absolute.

Grid Editor

In the pedal editor, there is now an option to merge blocks and another one to extend a block to the next chord.

The default keyboard shortcuts for zooming in/out vertically on Mac now use alt/option instead of shift (with plus and minus).


Grid lines have been added to the background of the tracks.

With an audio file loaded and “Drums” selected, changing the key signature will now transpose the chords and the output MIDI.

The “Skip All” has been removed from Bandmate’s missing-file dialog since only one input file is supported.


A specific MIDI channel for MIDI input can now be selected.



In Studio One on Mac with the “graphics hardware acceleration” option enabled, the EZkeys 2 GUI should no longer be slow and choppy.

In Logic Pro on Apple silicon Macs, MIDI Out should no longer cause crashes.

Changing presets or libraries with Program Change / Bank Select MIDI was very slow and would sometimes give unexpected results.

Changing presets while playing could in some cases cause a crash.

The MIDI Learn settings are now preserved when a library preset is loaded.

Cancelling “Save MIDI Learn Preset” would sometimes cause a crash.

Drag and drop is now properly disabled whenever a modal dialog is open.

Importing an EZkeys 1 project would create an extra undo event.

“dimb9” has been changed to “dim b9” in chord displays.

Song Track

The song track should now be better at finding the correct chords in user MIDI.

Adding user MIDI to the track could incorrectly split some of its notes.

Recording MIDI in existing blocks on the track could cause chords outside of affected parts to get reanalyzed.

Pedal values/curves were not imported properly from EZkeys 1 projects.

“Select Containing Folder in Grooves” would not work on song track MIDI from imported EZkeys 1 projects.

An ongoing Amount calculation will now get aborted by Replace MIDI, editing in Grid Editor and other ways of manipulating the MIDI.

Starting and stopping playback would cancel Amount and cause the knob/value to flicker.

Merging blocks could unnecessarily extend the resulting block.

Drawing MIDI blocks with the Pencil Tool under chords now adds new notes where there are chord changes as well as on bars.

Using “Replace MIDI” on certain user MIDI files could create silence when the MIDI got duplicated due to the track selection being longer than the file.

Edit Chord View

Clicking the info sign for “Adjust Notes to Scale” no longer toggles the function.

“Adjust Notes to Scale” can now split a note that stretches over several chords.

In some cases, changing chords would play a preview of wrong notes.

Suggest Chords

Changing the chord selection from Suggest Chords now properly updates song track components (Edit Play Style, etc.)

In many time signatures, Suggest Chords would never change the chord rhythm after bar 16.

Grooves Tab

Scanning for new sound libraries in the missing-library dialog no longer rebuilds the MIDI database (but looks for new MIDI libraries to add).

Adding a linked folder called “User MIDI” could cause the actual User MIDI folder to stop working properly.

Loading a project containing filter selections now properly grays out MIDI library folders that should be grayed out.

Adding user MIDI files containing no notes no longer causes the intensity values to become broken.

Grooves in User MIDI were not always transposed correctly when dragged to the song track.

While “Show Web Shop MIDI” is being activated, it is no longer possible to mark/unmark grooves as favorite, because that could cause a crash.

The “Show MIDI Files from Subfolders” option was not remembered between sessions.

Pressing Cancel in the Tap2Find view would render the Tap2Find drop zone preview silent.

Grid Editor

“Remove Overlaps” can now adjust notes that are not selected as well.

“Remove Overlaps” could cause some notes to get zero length.

Merging notes could make the MIDI unsorted, which would cause playback to behave strangely.

A note that had been merged with another note could be split again by dragging it.

CC values where not shown correctly in all cases depending on how the MIDI files got loaded to the song track.

Copy-dragging notes could make wrong notes get selected afterwards.

Copy-dragging blocks in the pedal editor did not work well.

Pasting in the pedal editor now selects the newly inserted block(s) and deselects the others.

It is now possible to undo a change of the Highlight Keys scale/mode.

Highlight Keys should no longer become activated when the key signature on the song track is changed.

Dragging notes and then pressing alt on Windows or alt+cmd on Mac before releasing the mouse button would create extra invalid notes that could cause crashes.

Auto-scroll in the Grid Editor would not work after marquee selection had been used.


Bandmate could fail to open a dialog after an audio file import followed by a preset/library change, which in turn could lead to crashes.

Trying to scroll horizontally in the grooves list using trackpad or shift+wheel would inadvertently cause the tracks to scroll.

Resetting a chord to original in the Bandmate track could cause other chords to get their inversions changed.

Chord detection of both MIDI and audio is now improved and more stable.

Chords from audio and MIDI are now more stable when track contents are moved.

Inserting short syncopated chords could sometimes render them uneditable.

Fixed a visual bug where borders of audio blocks would look thicker than those of MIDI blocks.

Tempo and time signature controls are no longer disabled when there is no output MIDI. Having a source that generated no search results lead to these controls being disabled, so it was not possible to change tempo and/or time signature to try to find results that way.

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