Sugar Bytes Effectrix 2 v2.0.3 Windows

Sugar Bytes Effectrix 2 v2.0.3 Windows

Your sound, reimagined

Sugar Bytes Effectrix 2 download heralds the dawn of a new era in real-time audio manipulation, offering a comprehensive suite of 14 meticulously crafted effects that redefine the boundaries of creativity and expression in music production. With its intuitive interface, unparalleled versatility, and unmatched sound quality, Effectrix 2 empowers artists, producers, and performers to unleash their imagination and transform ordinary sounds into extraordinary sonic landscapes.

As the conductor of sound, Effectrix2 puts the power of sonic manipulation at your fingertips, allowing you to paint the matrix with a rich palette of effects, each carefully crafted and refined to perfection. Whether you’re seeking to add subtle nuances or unleash a torrent of sonic chaos, Effectrix 2 offers the tools you need to sculpt your sound with precision and finesse.

From classic time-stretching and looping to innovative granular synthesis and glitchy madness, Effectrix 2 offers a wealth of creative possibilities that are limited only by your imagination. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, a hobbyist exploring new sonic territories, or a daring DJ pushing the boundaries of live performance, Effectrix 2 will become your indispensable companion, providing endless inspiration and opening up new avenues of sonic exploration.

With its seamless integration into your existing workflow, intuitive controls, and real-time performance capabilities, Effectrix 2 empowers you to elevate your tracks to new heights, adding depth, dimension, and excitement to your music. Whether you’re producing electronic dance music, scoring soundtracks, or crafting experimental compositions, Effectrix 2 will become an essential tool in your creative arsenal, helping you to unlock the full potential of your music and realize your artistic vision.

Key Features

32-step effect sequencer with swing and dynamic length

14 high-class effects from classic to advanced

Up to 12 complete setups (patterns)

Intelligent random

Flexible modulation per step

Dynamic signal flow

Individual Dry/Wet and global Mix control

Over 400 handcrafted presets

The World of Effectrix2

Experience Instant Inspiration

It is all about the magic of effects been mixed in on a grid. Forget hours of automating and scrolling your plugin lists, just plug in Effectrix2 and start drawing. Use the Loopers for looping beyond madness, with easy time, speed and pitch modulation.

Go for vintage Scifi with the Ring modulator. Tape Start/Stop and Scratch with the Vinyl effect. Enter alien space ship sounds with the Spectrum effect. Freeze, pitch and stretch with the Grain engine, add notes and chords with the Tonalizer. Crush serves you with the finest digital reduction. The Filter gives you all the dramatic sweeps and fattening.

The Phaser adds drama to your queen, while Modulation provides quality Chorus and Flanger effects. Delay and Reverb adding space and the Level effect can be used for trance gates, but also compression and stereo enhancing.

The Easy Take

Unlock Limitless Creative Sound Design

Choose a sequence length, place some steps in there and the magic is happening. Freeze a snare or roll a hi hat, it is done in a matter of seconds. Have a phaser on the last quarter of your beat and legs start moving already.

Alienize vocals, guitars, keyboard lines, induce the obligatory tape stop, turn a simple loop into a breakbeat master piece. You can take things much further with the modulation system, where every parameter can be scripted in no time. Use your keyboard to change effect and modulation sequences.

An abundance of presets is always ready to pull the best out of the effects, and the randomizers will take things further and provide endless inspiration.

Modulation Mastery

Detailed Parameters per Effect

Effectrix2 offers a wide range of modulators which can be applied per step. This results in endless possibilities to create vivid soundscapes. The most straight forward modulator is From To. The modulation will start with your parameter value and then transition to the target value.

With the Step Sequencer, you can easily create a modulation per step, turn up the smooth parameter to have a seamless transition. The Envelope Follower directly relates to the power of your audio signal, this allows to create very sound dependent effect variety. The most common use case is the cutoff frequency, reacting to your input amplitude.

Then we have classical LFOs to create rhythmic and repeating patterns to perfectly fit to the speed of your project. The Steptrain is a special variant of the Step Sequencer allowing to create stunning stutter effects when connected to the volume parameter. But of course it can be used on any parameter to create interesting results.

Precision and Artful Surprises

Perfect balance of total control and unexpected revelations

Experience the power of advanced mix blending modes to seamlessly merge and shape your audio elements like never before. With intelligent randomization options woven throughout, serendipity becomes your greatest collaborator.

In Effectrix2 you can randomize the whole pattern, a single effect track or the setup of the effect parameters. We implemented 3 intensity levels of randomization, so random results can range from very subtle to total mayhem. Of course we also have a random modulator you can use for parameter control. With tempo and smoothness you have detailed control over how a randomized parameter will behave.

Effectrix is known for its stunning looping effects. With Effectrix2 we extended its capabilities. Looper A and B are packed with state-of-the-art features to bring audio looping to a new level. Apply swing to your loop, define a repeat pattern or gradually change the pitch or size of the loop – the possibilities are endless. Try out presets from the looping category to realize its full potential.

Step into the Spotlight

Your reliable and powerful ally for live performances

Effectrix2 offers both, inspiration in the studio and an intuitive tool for jamming and live performance. Transform your tracks in real time and on the fly without any latency or time-consuming editing. Store up to 12 different sequencer setups within a single preset and trigger these via MIDI or host automation.

Why not send the voice through Effectrix2 for otherworldly vocals, or put it on your pad as a drummer? If you don’t know Effectrix already, give it a try. If you do, expect the upgrade you waited for.

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