Steinberg WaveLab 12 Pro v12.0.10 Windows

Steinberg WaveLab 12 Pro v12.0.10 Windows

WaveLab 12 stands as the unrivaled leader in mastering software, holding the title of the number one choice for mastering professionals for 25 years. This complete mastering solution is meticulously crafted to encompass every tool required for a seamless workflow from inception to completion.

Key Features:

Mastering Excellence: Mastering is an art, and WaveLab has been the preferred tool for professionals worldwide. Trusted by a global network of mastering engineers, WaveLab ensures every aspect of your masters achieves true professionalism.

Versatile Mastering: Tailored for digital distribution, CD, vinyl, and more, WaveLab excels in high-end mastering and editing. It provides exceptional metering, real-time FX, offline processors, and restoration tools.

Album Assembly: Easily assemble different tracks to create a cohesive album, simplifying the process of organizing and presenting your musical works.

External Hardware Integration: Seamlessly integrate external hardware effects into your mastering workflow, offering flexibility and expanding your sonic possibilities.

WaveLab 12 Highlights:

ARA Plug-in: WaveLab’s Audio Editor is now available as an ARA plug-in, allowing seamless integration with other DAWs like Cubase 13, Nuendo 13, Reaper 7, and Studio One 6.5. Edit audio files directly within your favorite DAW with WaveLab’s advanced features.

Rainbow Waveform: Visualize audio waveforms in multiple colors, enhancing spectral content recognition. Customizable coloration aids in quickly identifying specific audio features.

Automatic Transient Markers: Streamline the editing process with optional visual guidance for snapping audio selection to transient and release points. Navigate swiftly using the tab key across transient points for increased efficiency.

Enhanced Audio Exchange: Effortlessly transfer any audio range, with or without effects, between WaveLab and other applications. The drag-and-drop and copy/paste functions facilitate a seamless workflow across diverse platforms, even with ARA extension use.

Extended Copy and Paste Functionality: Associate standard editing actions with a crossfade option, allowing for smooth transitions throughout the editing process.

Automatic Waveform Zoom to Peaks: Automatically zoom to the peaks of the visible waveform, ensuring detailed visibility and precision during editing.

Synchronized Navigation: Optionally synchronize scrolling and zooming across selected audio files and/or montages, providing a convenient way to visually compare different versions.

WaveLab 12 marks a monumental release, offering an unmatched editing experience with groundbreaking features tailored for professionals, music studios, and ambitious hobbyists alike. Elevate your audio mastering and editing capabilities with WaveLab 12.

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