Nimble Tools Nimble Kick 1.1.0 Windows

Nimble Tools Nimble Kick 1.1.0 Windows

From the developer of Misstortion comes Nimble Kick, a kick sampler. Mainly used for pitching hardstyle kicks, it features several great pitching algorithms specifically suited & tweaked for this purpose.

Some of the main features include:

Drag and drop a sample into the plugin and start playing notes directly with midi!

Punch and tail separation – an option to only pitch the tail or to pitch the whole sample.

Four different pitching algorithms to choose from. *

Midi note velocity controlling the note output volume.

Dynamic pitch bending of the kick tail.

An option for either monophonic or polyphonic output.

An ADSR envelope for notes.

Sample trimming and normalizing.

Option to make the punch mono.

Brickwall limiter.

Distortion section with an option to only distort the tail of the kick.

Kick FX section for quick distortion effects.

Post-processing filter section with shelves and peak.

ndividual section volume controls.

Advanced transient control options.

Punch reverb options.

This plugin is designed with the help and feedback of professional hardstyle DJs Code Black and Frontliner, as well as many other producers.

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