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Native Instruments Passive EQ v1.4.5 U2B macOS

Embark on Sonic Mastery with Passive EQ: A Premium Tube Series Gem

Introducing Passive EQ, a meticulously crafted, fully-parametric, two-channel, four-band equalizer that transcends conventional boundaries. Born from the collaboration with Softube, the renowned “Swedish rock ‘n’ roll scientists” known for their precision in emulating professional audio hardware, Passive EQ emerges as a versatile powerhouse equipped with high and low pass filters and an extensive preset collection catering to all production needs.

Detailed and Musical Precision

Passive EQ stands as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, providing an organic and open sonic palette that is equally at home in mixing or mastering. Its fully parametric 2-channel, 4-band EQ ensures a detailed yet musical approach to sound shaping. Per-band stereo linking, M/S processing, and an A/B mode contribute to its adaptability, offering a toolset that adapts seamlessly to a variety of production scenarios.

True Studio Sound: Unveiling the Character of High-End Gear

Immerse yourself in the true studio sound captured by Passive EQ, reflecting the rich, natural presence of high-end, tube-powered studio gear. Beyond its inherent musical character, even at extreme settings, this all-purpose EQ emerges as a go-to choice for a wide spectrum of production tasks. Its transformative capabilities extend to mastering, bringing an unmistakable high-end studio feel to every track, regardless of your expertise level. Exclusively modeled in collaboration with Softube, Passive EQ runs standalone in any DAW, placing the professional touch at your fingertips.

All-Round Quality: Elevating Every Element

Passive EQ’s natural and open sound becomes a versatile companion for various sources, delivering rich and consistent results on individual tracks, sub-groups, and mastering duties alike. As the first native emulation of boutique hardware, Passive EQ boasts a fully-parametric two-channel, four-band equalizer, complemented by additional high and low pass filters, along with a diverse collection of presets for all conceivable use cases.

Beyond the original specifications, Passive EQ introduces a host of features designed to enhance your creative workflow. With a highly usable interface, separate stereo linking for each EQ band and filter, mid/side processing for adding depth to your finished mix, and an A/B mode for seamless comparison of two settings or presets, it offers an all-encompassing solution for your sonic endeavors.

Step into a new era of sonic exploration with Passive EQ, where precision meets musicality, and where the expertise of Softube converges with cutting-edge technology to redefine the possibilities of sound shaping. Elevate your productions with an EQ that goes beyond the ordinary, setting a new standard in the realm of audio excellence.

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