Native Instruments Massive v1.5.9 macOS

Native Instruments Massive v1.5.9 macOS

MASSIVE’s macro controls offer fast, direct control – automatically mapped to the eight macro knobs on all KOMPLETE KONTROL S-SERIES keyboards, and all MASCHINE hardware.

All of a sound’s most important parameters are pre-configured and mapped to these controllers. A single controller can handle multiple assignments – for example, just twist ‘Rhythm’ and watch how multiple underlying parameters change simultaneously.

The macro controls enable you to customize any of MASSIVE’s presets instantly and profoundly, without having to understand the technical structure of the sound. The macro controls essentially turn each sound into a set of possible sounds that seamlessly morph into one another.

Moreover, the macro controls are the most important interface to other applications. They are targets for MIDI assignments, which are easily set using the MIDI Learn function. They are also the first eight parameters that are reported to any host when MASSIVE is used as a plug-in.

 macOS 10.14, 10.15 or 11 (latest update)

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