Native Instruments Battery Library v1.0.32

Native Instruments Battery Library v1.0.32


BATTERY 4 adds powerful new features for accelerated workflow, more powerful sampling and sound manipulation, and a new library ready for 21st century electronic and urban styles.

BATTERY 4: Redefining Workflow with Enhanced Features

Experience a transformative upgrade with BATTERY 4, introducing powerful features designed to accelerate your workflow, elevate sampling and sound manipulation, and deliver a cutting-edge library tailored for contemporary electronic and urban music styles.

Revolutionized Usability

BATTERY 4 boasts a completely re-designed, high-speed workflow that ensures instant access to key features directly from the main page. Enjoy an optimized, drag-and-drop interface that simplifies tasks such as MIDI controller assignment, cell and effect routing adjustments, effects order changes, and straightforward sidechaining. Color-coded cells provide a clear visual overview, with controls adapting to the cell color, enhancing usability.

Innovative Engine Enhancements

Explore new sonic territories with BATTERY 4’s enhanced engine. Discover high-quality effects, including SOLID EQ, SOLID BUS COMP, TRANSIENT MASTER, tape saturation, a one-knob compressor, and advanced filters. The improved Time Machine Pro time-stretching algorithm opens up new possibilities, while the new bus system introduces flexible drag-and-drop routing for processing groups. Enjoy instant cell rendering, simplifying the creation of new kits and fostering creative sound design.

Library and Browser Evolution

Navigate a wealth of sounds effortlessly with BATTERY 4’s new tag-based browser. Utilize tag and full-text search functionalities, and benefit from a search history feature that enables seamless continuation of sound exploration. All sounds load mapped to MIDI notes, ensuring convenient use with MIDI keyboards.

Embark on a Sonic Odyssey

BATTERY 4 is not just a drum sampler; it’s a comprehensive toolkit designed to inspire and elevate your music production. Redefine your workflow, unleash creative possibilities, and explore a new era in electronic and urban music. Elevate your sonic palette with BATTERY 4—an evolution that transforms your musical journey.

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