Mercuriall Audio Ampbox v1.0.10 macOS

Mercuriall Audio Ampbox v1.0.10 macOS


It’s an ever-evolving platform for all* our products, current and future. You will get Ampbox for free when purchasing one of the supported plugins*. The platform has everything you need to create perfect tones with just one plugin. It’s simple, elegant and versatile. Powered by Mercuriall Neural Hybrid Engine v1.5 technology.

Ampbox supports the following products at this point: Euphoria, ReAxis, U530. More products will be added to the platform in future.

Mercuriall Ampbox free modules list:


Studio-grade tuner with Dim and Mute features.

Noise gate

Highly adjustable studio-grade guitar noise gate.

Graphic EQ

9-band Graphic EQ to sculpt your initial tone.

Wah 535Q

Classic Wah based on Dunlop® CryBaby® 535Q.

Overdrive: TS 808

Classic overdrive based on Ibanez® TS-808.

Overdrive: Greed Smasher

Modern overdrive based on MESA/BOOGIE® Grid Slammer.

Overdrive: SD-1

Classic overdrive based on Boss® Super Overdrive.

Metal Area and DS-1

Based on Boss® Metal Zone MT-2™ and Boss® DS-1.


EL34B tube poweramp with multiple additional features.


Multi-mic 2D cab based on Redwirez© IRs.

Parametric EQ

8-band studio-grade Parametric EQ for finalizing your tone.


Stereo-chorus for spicing up things.


Highly adjustable delay from subtle to over the top.


Simple, but powerful reverb to add the feeling of space.

Mercuriall Ampbox features:

Freely movable module windows inside the plugin

Keep open only those modules that you need.

Preamp/poweramp can be switched off independently

More options, more flexibility.

Same oversampling cycle for pedals/preamp/poweramp

No latency build-up and no additional sound quality losses.


When used, right/left channels are modeled independently.

Delay and reverb can be used in parallel

No extra routing!

Plugin supports CPU multi-threading

More cores = better plugin performance.

Standalone version

No DAW? No problem, you can still use Ampbox.

Factory and user presets

Robust preset system and manual preset sharing options.

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