Kuassa Amplification Bundle 2022.9.2 Windows

Kuassa Amplification Bundle 2022.9.2 Windows

Kuassa is a company specializing in developing great sounding audio plugins; VST – Audio Units – Rack Extension digital guitar amp and mixing – mastering effect plug-ins software. Established 2009 in Bandung by a collective of like-minded musicians who are passionate about music creative process. As musician ourselves, we believe that music tools should be as straightforward as possible, putting aside all obstruction that can slowing-down the inspiration will be an essential goal for any kind of musicians and engineers alike, from bedroom studios to major studios in Hollywood.


Amplifikation 360 v1.1.2 – All-in-One Kuassa Amps & Effectors

Amplifikation Caliburn v1.1.0 – British Guitar Amp

Amplifikation Cerberus Bass v1.1.1 – 3 headed bass amp

Amplifikation Clarent v1.0.0 – Orange British Amp

Amplifikation Creme v1.4.0 – Metal Guitar Amp

Amplifikation Lancaster v1.0.0 – British Combo Amp

Amplifikation Matchlock v1.1.0 – American Guitar Amp

Amplifikation Rectifor v1.0.2 – Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier Amp

Amplifikation Vermilion v1.2.0 – Classic Combo Guitar Amp

Amplifikation VVV v1.0.0 – 5XXX Guitar Amp

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