Keyscape Patch Library Update 1.6.0c Win and macOS

Keyscape Patch Library Update 1.6.0c Win and macOS

Update features over 1500 patches for users of Keyscape + Omnisphere

We are thrilled to announce the release of a newly expanded 2023 edition of the Keyscape Creative library, bringing the total to over 1500 Omnisphere patches specially designed for users who also own Keyscape. The vast library of sounds was produced by renowned sound designer Eric Persing, showcasing the creative work of our award-winning Spectrasonics Sound Development team. The expanded library features a tremendous variety of stunning new patches showcasing the power of combining the latest features of both Keyscape and Omnisphere. Keyscape’s richly detailed keyboard sounds, including the new Double Felt Grand, have been dramatically transformed using Omnisphere’s deep synthesis capabilities and effects. The Keyscape Creative library offers a wide variety of inspiring sounds for modern music production and is available now as a FREE update to all registered users.

Pricing and Availability

The Keyscape Creative Library v1.6 update is FREE and available now for registered users of both Omnisphere 2 and Keyscape. All existing users can get the new library by simply clicking the “Get Updates” button on the splash screen of the user interface to download it. After installation, the patches will appear as a new Omnisphere directory the next time it is opened.


Keyscape Software version 1.5.0c or higher

Keyscape Soundsources version 1.5.0c or higher

If loading Keyscape sounds in Omnisphere, Omnisphere Software version

2.8.5f or higher is required

“Keyscape Creative” requires Omnisphere Software version 2.8.5f or higher

and the full installation of Keyscape

Keyscape Patch Library 1.6.0c Update

Adds over 250 brand new patches to “Keyscape Creative”

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