iZotope Neutron 4 v4.5.0 Windows

iZotope Neutron 4 v4.5.0 Windows

Version 4.5.0 released September 8, 2023

Bug Fixes & Improvements

FIXED unresponsive UI in Cubase 12 on Windows

FIXED incorrect labeling in auth wizard dialog when trial has expired

CHANGED minimum supported macOS version to macOS Big Sur

Elevate Your Mixing Experience with iZotope Neutron 4: A Symphony of Innovation

In the relentless pursuit of mixing excellence, iZotope Neutron 4 emerges as a transformative force, designed to empower you with unprecedented speed, creativity, and control. This next-generation release introduces groundbreaking features and enhancements that redefine the very essence of mixing.

Efficiency Redefined: The Assistant View

Embark on your mixing journey with the all-new Assistant View, a modernized version of Neutron’s acclaimed Mix Assistant. Witness a revolution in efficiency as the Assistant View suggests target levels and customizes your starting point, ensuring that you work faster and smarter from the outset.

Seamless Integration into Your Flow

Neutron 4 seamlessly integrates mixing into your creative flow. Experience sweeping improvements with the revolutionary Intent Controls and achieve unparalleled clarity effortlessly using the new Unmask Module. Stay in the zone and let your creativity flourish.

Unleash Your Creative Potential

Neutron 4 isn’t just a mixing tool; it’s a canvas for sonic innovation. Unleash your creativity with the introduction of Trash Mode, a nod to the revered iZotope Trash, allowing you to crush and destroy sound with unparalleled precision. Dive into the experimental realm with Punch Mode, a game-changer that lets you control and visualize the impact of your sounds, breathing life into vocals, percussion, bass, and beyond.

What’s New in Neutron 4?

Assistant View: Neutron’s Mix Assistant undergoes a modern transformation, evolving into the intelligent control center known as Assistant View. Witness personalized results at an unprecedented pace.

Make Space: The innovative Unmask Module identifies and addresses masking issues, opening up new levels of clarity in your mix. Create space between competing tracks, strike the perfect balance between bass and kick, or elevate vocals above the mix effortlessly.

Distort Responsibly. Or Not: Embrace the fan-favorite Trash Mode within Neutron 4, offering a spectrum of distortion possibilities. Dial in specific extremes with the Tone Slider and Tame button, pushing the boundaries of sonic exploration.

Punch It Up: Introducing Punch Mode, a dynamic tool to control and visualize the impact of your sounds. Add thump, punch, or snap to infuse life into vocals, percussion, bass, and more, making an undeniable impact on your mix.

In the symphony of mixing tools, iZotope Neutron 4 takes center stage, offering a harmonious blend of innovation, efficiency, and creative freedom. Elevate your mixing experience and redefine what’s possible with Neutron 4—a masterpiece of sonic engineering.

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