iZotope Nectar 3 Plus v3.9.0 Windows

iZotope Nectar 3 Plus v3.9.0 Windows

Vocals, in the mix Get your vocals to sit in the mix with the most sophisticated set of tools designed for vocal production. From corrective to creative vocal production all the way to the final polish, Nectar 3 Plus brings out your intended performance in isolation and in the context of the mix. An improved Vocal Assistant: Unmask gives you new insight into how your vocal fits in the mix, with new EQ Amount and Dynamic controls that let you handle masking easily and transparently. Put your vocals in their place with everything you need for a clear, professional sound.

Tools suited for any voice, any style

A comprehensive and modern toolset means you’ll have everything you need for any vocal mixing project.

Responsive modules for signature color

Nectar 3 modules respond to audio frequency and loudness data to produce an even, balanced performance.

All-new, intuitive UI redesign

Not only beautiful, the new Nectar 3 design offers stronger functionality with user-friendly parameter controls.

Version 3.9.0: Release Note June 21, 2023

Compatibility Updates & Improvements:

Added macOS Ventura support.

Added AAX Apple silicon native support.

Added Apple silicon native support to the Nectar 3 Plus installer. Rosetta is no longer required to install Nectar 3 Plus on an Apple silicon Mac.

Removed Relay from the Nectar 3 Plus installer. Updates to Relay can be downloaded and installed separately, Relay will continue to be authorized by Nectar 3 Plus serial numbers.

Updated RX 8 Breath Control (8.7.0) to include AAX Apple silicon native support.

Bug fixes:

Fixed issues causing general instability and audio dropouts.

Fixed responsiveness issue in the pitch meter.

Fixed issue in UAD LUNA where all instances of Nectar 3 would become unresponsive to automation upon interacting with a control after adjusting or trimming an automation envelope.

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