Red Giant Universe 2024.0.0 macOS

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Red Giant Universe 2024.0.0 macOS

Release Note

New Features and Enhancements

Added Chinese & Japanese language support.*

Added over 50+ new presets.

Bug fixes

UP-8239: Fixed an issue where Universe Line causes tracking to always be -100

UP-8129: Fixed an issue where the Preview would be broken with Multi-Context GPUs

UP-8125: FXPlug no longer crashes on render.

UP-8112: Plugins that use lights or cameras no longer crash on application.

UP-8081: Logo Motion: Fixed values for Start/Idle/End in Resolve

UP-8079, UP-8078: Symbol Mapper: Fixed various render issues.

UP-8074: Retrograde Transition: Fixed Light Leak and Background only being visible at 100

UP-8073: Color Stripe: Fixed an issue where the clips would reverse along with the colors when Reverse was toggled.

UP-8072: Fixed an issue where Carousel and Overlights flicker effect wouldn’t work.

UP-8071: Flicker Cut: Fixed an issue where Nose would reduce Opacity

UP-8070: Flicker Cut: Fixed an issue where Fade Clips would cause black screens.

UP-8063: Fixed an issue where Uni Presets weren’t loading.

UP-8069: Carousel: Fixed an issue where Light Leak wouldn’t have an effect on Macs.

UP-8068: AV Club: Fixed an issue where Jitter wouldn’t render.

Known Issues

*Due to host limitations, Chinese & Japanese support has not yet been added to Magix or Avid.

UP-8221: Due to host limitations, some Effect Control parameters may have been truncated when working in Japanese or Chinese translations; we’re working to remedy this problem moving forward.

UP-8124: Axion shaders have compatibility issues with multiple GPUs

UP-8128: AMD crashes Resolve when working with multiple GPUs.

UP-8113: Analog crashes when working with multiple GPUs.

UP-8110: Chromatic Aberration Lens Texture does not render when working with multiple GPUs.

UP-8108: AMD Preview & Render crash when working with multiple GPUs.

UP-8066: Text Tile: Crashes when working with M1 and scrolling.

UP-8065: Hacker Text: Fails to complete transitions with M1 Macs.

Universe 6 adds 1 new transition tool, 1 new blur tool, and 2 new stylization tools providing many new options to be creative and enhance your project in interesting ways. Combined with over 70 new presets, Universe 6 helps artists to get great results quickly in a fun and intuitive way.



Sketchify allows you to dial in the intensity of the ink contour lines. Use the ink texture presets to add looks like concrete, crumpled paper, crayon, marker, and more. It pairs nicely multiplied over a Texturize Motion layer.


Control how smooth you want your colors to be. Lower the smoothing radius for a posterized look. Turn it up for a watercolor effect.


Recolor your footage with options for shadow, midtone and highlight. With colorize amount you can control the overall amount of color.


Sketchify includes 21 fully customizable presets that help you create a quick toon look.



Use the Chroma Style presets to switch between spectrum, tint, and colorize to find the look you’re going for.


Control how the chroma warp begins and ends with a set of controls that include color, position, scale, rotation, lens distortion, and blur.


ChromaTown includes controls for falloff, tint, and alpha so you can fine tune the effect.


Adjust the quality by controlling the number of steps in the chroma morph.



Adjust the blur amount to turn up the bokeh effect and adjust the gamma to control the intensity of the blur.


Control the rotation of the bokeh shape to go from square to diamond.


Box Bokeh includes 10 fully customizable presets that help you quickly add stylized bokeh effects.