Sonic Academy SA76 v1.0.0 Windows

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Sonic Academy SA76 v1.0.0 Windows

An Icon Reimagined
The original 1176 compressors are known for their fast attack, punchy sound, and ability to add density and sustain to a wide range of audio sources. SA-76 not only captures these classic characteristics, but its got a suite of modern features and controls to take your sound to the next level.


Original Controls
All the orginal 1176 controls are available – Input / Output, Attack & Release, as well as Ratio options 4, 8, 12, 20 & ALL

Gain Linking
Make use of the unique Gain Linking feature to automatically adjust the Output signal as you adjust the Input signal.

Stereo Width
Use our stereo width control to manage the width of the output signal from the plugin.

Blending Dry and Wet
Use the Mix Control to blend the dry and wet signals.

External Sidechain
Use an external signal to modulate the compressor – We’ve also included a High Pass filter on the sidechain input for further creative control.

Add even further warmth and character to the output with our included Saturation algorithm.