Mastering The Mix v2.0m Windows

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Mastering The Mix v2.0m Windows

Highlight 1: The Calculate Targets feature will analyze your audio, find the resonant frequencies, and give you ‘Target Nodes’ showing how much reduction is suggested to transparently resolve the resonance.

Highlight 2: RESOs super-transparent mastering-grade filters allow you to clean up resonances without affecting your transients and phase
Excessive resonances ruin mixes, giving them a harsh and unpleasant sound. RESO helps you identify which specific frequencies are causing problems. It also guides you on how much reduction is needed to dynamically resolve the resonance without making your mix sound thin. QUICKLY IDENTIFY AND RESOLVE RESONANCES IN YOUR AUDIO.

Overview: RESO is a dynamic resonance suppressor that helps you quickly identify and resolve resonances in your audio.

Problem Solved: Excessive resonances ruin mixes, giving them a harsh and unpleasant sound. Our plugin RESO helps you quickly identify and resolve resonances. The smart features help you get the best possible sound by dynamically fixing the problematic resonances without making your music sound thin.

Get Started: Load up an instance of RESO on any channel and listen closely for resonances. The display, frequency sweep, and ‘calculate targets’ features will help you identify resonant frequencies. Double click anywhere within the main window to create a node. Position the node where you want the resonance suppression to start. The Q is automatically optimized for the frequency of the node. You can scroll to adjust the Q to suit your preference.


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