Imaginando VS v1.4.0 macOS

Imaginando VS v1.4.0 macOS

VS Easily create visuals that react to your music and MIDI. Visual Synthesizer multi-layered shader system allows you to create complex compositions by blending dynamic graphical elements using powerful controls. Trigger, change and modulate parameters from both audio and MIDI sources, to inject movement into each layer’s “polyphonic visual voices”. From ambient geometric loops, to rhythmically pulsating patterns, VS extensive modulation options ensure you are always in control.


8 Polyphonic visual layers

4 voices per layer

50 built-in materials

1 background layer with solid color/image/video (no modulations)

4 LFO’s

2 EG’s

4 Dual-mode audio input as modulators (peak and band)

Built-in video recording feature

Syphon (Mac OS)

Spout (Windows) output

NDI output

Mac OS High Sierra or Higher


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