IK Multimedia ARC System 4 v4.0.0 macOS

IK Multimedia ARC System 4 v4.0.0 macOS

Achieve Faster, More Confident Mixing with ARC 4

Unlock unparalleled speed and confidence in your mixing process with ARC 4, the ultimate solution for enhancing monitoring accuracy in any room. By seamlessly integrating an ultra-precise measurement microphone, advanced analysis software, and correction plug-in, ARC 4 empowers you to work with newfound freedom, assured that your music will sound exceptional across all playback systems.

Experience Effortless Calibration

ARC 4 streamlines the calibration process, allowing you to focus on your music without the hassle of complicated setup procedures. With its faster and easier calibration process, along with a groundbreaking new algorithm, ARC 4 ensures that you can achieve optimal audio quality effortlessly.

Key Features

Comprehensive solution including measurement mic, analysis software, and correction plug-in

Enhances frequency balance and stereo imaging in any room

Accelerates workflow and improves mix quality without the need for costly room treatments

Virtual monitoring feature simulates the sound of various playback devices

What’s New

Revolutionary new correction algorithm delivers unparalleled results

Expanded virtual monitoring feature includes profiles of over 20 iconic studio monitors

“Quick Mode” enables rapid room processing with just 7 measurement points

Updated graphics and user interface with customizable dark and light mode options

ARC Studio hardware compatibility allows for convenient profile management and switching

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