Excite Audio KSHMR Chain v1.0.4 macOS

Excite Audio KSHMR Chain v1.0.4 macOS

Revolutionise Your Plugin Chain

KSHMR Chain is an innovative utility that instantly copies your plugin chain from one track to countless others, allowing you to spend your time and effort where it matters most while producing. Say goodbye to Copy & Paste.

No more copy and pasting instances of the same plugin, and switching between them to adjust their individual parameters.

With KSHMR Chain you can fine-tune the settings of multiple tracks with a single twist, and then hear the accumulative effect of those changes in real-time – great for working with vocal stacks or groups of instruments.

The plugin has been developed in collaboration with KSHMR, whose philosophy is that “an efficient workflow helps you to stay creative”. With this in mind, the plugin also doubles up as an intuitive organizational tool, scanning and stocking all your plugins in easy-to-reach categories that make sense for producers.


Revolutionary Leader Follower Technology.

Customisable Effects Chains.

Automatic Plugin Categorisation.

Powerful Macro Control.

Parallel Processing and Gain staging.

Individual Plugin Bypass.

Leader and Follower Bypass Modes.

Plugin RMS Metering.

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