Cytomic The Scream v1.2.0 macOS

Cytomic The Scream v1.2.0 macOS

Cytomic presents The Scream, a meticulously crafted discrete component model inspired by the iconic green Tube Screamer pedal. This plugin boasts input and output class-A Transistor buffers, Boyle macro-modeled op-amps, and a variety of fully customizable clipping diodes. The level of detail goes beyond emulation, offering users the ability to tweak every component’s value, fostering a truly personalized and unique tone.

Key Features and Customization Options:

Authentic Emulation: The Scream captures the essence of the classic Tube Screamer, faithfully emulating its distinctive sound and response. The plugin is designed to deliver the warmth and character associated with the iconic hardware.

Flexible Clipping Options: Dive into a world of sonic possibilities with fully customizable clipping diodes. The plugin provides a selection of diodes, including Silicon, Germanium, or LEDs, allowing you to create asymmetric clipping combinations. Experiment by chaining diodes in series, bypassing them, or configuring a high-gain boost that clips the op-amp.

Total Component Customization: The level of control extends to every component, enabling users to change and randomize values for a tailored and dynamic tonal palette. This flexibility empowers musicians and producers to sculpt their ideal sound, ensuring that The Scream seamlessly integrates into any musical context.

Versatile Signal Path: With input and output class-A Transistor buffers and Boyle macro-modeled op-amps, The Scream guarantees a transparent and responsive signal path. The plugin’s sonic capabilities shine in various applications, from subtle overdrive to full-blown distortion, adapting to the nuances of your playing style.

Whether you seek classic Tube Screamer tones or desire a platform for innovative sonic exploration, The Scream provides an unparalleled level of customization. Elevate your guitar tones, experiment with diverse clipping options, and make every detail of your sound uniquely yours with Cytomic’s The Scream—a versatile and powerful tool for musicians and producers alike

Cytomic The Scream System Requirements:

macOS 10.13 or above Intel/M1 cpu (64-bit)

Windows 10 or above Intel/AMD cpu (64-bit)


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