Arturia Wurli V 2.12.0 (3420) macOS

Arturia Wurli V 2.12.0 (3420) macOS

The Wurly electro-mechanical piano has a sound all its own. Is there such a thing as a perfect emulation? Wurli V sings for itself.

Our exclusive physical modeling technology, Phi®, renders every detail of this classic EP – the reeds, the pickups, the preamp – everything. Simply put, the only other way to play or record a Wurli this real is to hunt down a perfect specimen.

The original Wurli won over acoustic pianists with its huge dynamic range. Physical modeling puts every single dB of it beneath your fingers.

Wurli V can sound like any Wurli or launch into otherworldly soundscapes, injecting the flavor of the ’60s and ’70s into the songs of tomorrow.

Wurli V doesn’t stop at authentic. Pop the hood and tweak the components to your liking, choose your amp or speaker, and crank it with FX. A full EP rig.

You’ll love that it never needs tuning or maintenance. Your computer will love that it’s highly CPU-efficient.

The quest for a portable, electrically amplified piano is almost as old as the use of electricity itself.

The Wurly was an instant hit with everyone from Ray Charles to Supertramp to the band at the corner pub.

Wurli V reproduces the model 200A, the most popular and enduring of the lineup. Compact, portable, stable, and stackable, it got close enough to the dynamic range of an acoustic piano to give players a consistent and great sounding keyboard they could carry from gig to gig.

By definition, an electric piano doesn’t need a lot of controls. But it plays very nice with effects and an amp. Wurli V’s main interface has it all.

Wurli V keeps it real, adding only the accessories that players of the original might have run their pianos through.

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