Arturia Rotary CLS-222 v1.0.0 Windows

Arturia Rotary CLS-222 v1.0.0 Windows

Rotary CLS-222 reimagines the classic Dynacord® rotary speaker emulator as a creative plugin that goes from silky smooth stereo swirls to spinning synchronized patterns – enhancing your sound with extra width, momentum, and analog character in seconds.

The sought-after analog box that delivered the full-tilt Leslie sound without the need for a spinning box – brought to life in all its stereo analog detail, right in your DAW.

Capture that classic rotation for ultra-smooth stereo sheen, or opt for dizzying compound mayhem & synchronized modulation to explore your stereo field in a whole new way.

The rotary effect pairs perfectly with keys and guitars, but Rotary CLS-222 is built to experiment with any sound for everything from psychedelic beats to dense ambient soundscapes.

Push Rotary CLS-222 into creative territory beyond its hardware predecessor with thoughtful upgrades like a valve preamp, separate bass & treble speeds, an interactive visualizer, and more.

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