Arturia Pigments 5 v5.0.1 Windows

Arturia Pigments 5 v5.0.1 Windows

Arturia Pigments 5 emerges as a cutting-edge softsynth VST, offering unparalleled versatility to manifest any auditory masterpiece, from meticulously crafted presets to intricate custom sound designs. Unlock the entire spectrum of synthesis, transforming your sonic fantasies into vibrant realities across various musical styles.

Effortless Sonic Sculpting:

Crafting the sounds of your dreams has never been quicker. Pigments stands as a powerful, user-friendly software synthesizer, enabling you to effortlessly create ultra-fat, soul-stirring sounds with ease. It’s your fastest route to bringing the sound in your head to life.

Simplicity in Design:

Pigments simplifies the complexities of synthesis and sound design. Featuring color-coded, single-click modulation, expressive macros, and a curated preset library, it ensures an instantly gratifying user experience. Dive into the world of sound exploration without hesitation.

Comprehensive Sound Design:

As a complete sound design solution, Pigments empowers you to generate any sound from scratch in seconds or delve deep into intricate designs when needed. Uniting voices, filters, modulation, sequencing, and FX, Pigments offers a seamless end-to-end solution for your production needs.

Tailored for Modern Sound Creation:

Whether your genre is hip hop, trap, bass, EDM, lo-fi, cinematic music, or beyond, Pigments is built to cater to modern sound creation. Its preset library, precise features, and intuitive workflow are meticulously designed to meet the demands of contemporary music production.

Customizable Workflow:

Make Pigments uniquely yours with a flexible workflow that adapts to your preferences. Tailor the appearance, opt for the simplified Play Mode, redefine audio routing, curate personalized preset playlists, and more. Enjoy a softsynth that aligns with your setup, allowing you to focus solely on shaping your distinctive sound.

What’s new in Pigments 5?

New Features – Audio Engine

New multicore CPU optimization

New generative sequencer featuring one-click sequence generation

New Sequencer sequence browser & saveable presets

New Sequencer playback modes

Various Sequencer UX improvements

New Utility Engine Audio Input mode

New auxiliary effect bus routing

New Wavetable Engine phase parameter

New Features – GUI / Workflow

New Play view visualiser

Various visualisers improvements

Sequencer interface and workflow redesign

Keyboard, Pitch and Mod wheels redesign

Various UX improvements

Pop-up windows redesign

New Content

New Factory Library & Expansions banks

New Factory wavetables

New Factory samples

New Sequencer patterns

New Sequencer classic and generative scales

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