Arturia OP-Xa V 1.6.0 macOS

Arturia OP-Xa V 1.6.0 macOS

The OP-Xa V takes the immense analog power of the fat, aggressive sounding OB-Xa from the 80s charts to the modern era. Faithful to the sound of the original and supercharged with new features, OP-Xa V will take you for a wild sonic ride.

Huge brasses, strings, and pads made the OB-Xa dominate the hottest artists’ keyboard stands, from Prince to Van Halen’s iconic ‘Jump’.

With OP-Xa V, that same unmistakable presence comes to life right in your DAW. There’s just something about the sound that invites you to dig in with both hands and come up with great parts. True Analog Emulation® ensures an authentic muscle car synthesizer experience – while our added touches add heaps of production horsepower that’ll get your creativity racing.

Chart-topping Spirit

Today’s hottest hits are drawing on ’80s synth sounds more than ever. With OB-Xa in your arsenal, you’ll be ready to produce the next one.

The Real Deal

We went back to the source to model the OB-Xa, analyzing every detail, component, and behavior of the genuine article with TAE® emulation.

Jump Right In

The straightforward user interface and signal path can turn a novice into a seasoned synth enthusiast in record time.

Sound That Slaps

TAE® does not emulate sounds – it duplicates how vintage analog circuits behave, and you’ll hear the difference. Earth-shaking, hair-raising, soul-stirring.

Where Hardware Can’t Go

Trouble-free tempo sync. Gorgeous built-in effects. Even more polyphony. The awe-inspiring nature of a classic synth, the enhancements of software.

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