Arturia Modular V 3.12.0 macOS

Arturia Modular V 3.12.0 macOS

Modular V reanimates the goliath instrument that started it all, in plugin form. Experience the machine that gave birth to modular synthesis in the ‘60s and changed the world, in all its pure analog glory, respectfully enhanced to surpass its hardware predecessor.

Nothing sounds like a modular synth, and no modular synth is like the one that made it out of the studio and onto the stage to mesmerize audiences worldwide. Modular V has been brought to life with True Analog Emulation® modeling, giving you a sound no other modern synth or plug-in can touch. Developed in partnership with the original instrument’s inventor, it lets you enjoy the same sound design madness favored by pioneers from Tangerine Dream to Trent Reznor – all from the comfort of your DAW setup.

Modular V’s huge selection of modules leaves it entirely up to you what happens to the sound – connect the dots and explore a true synthesis blank canvas.

New to modular? Daunted by Modular V’s myriad of connections and controls? Take a shortcut to gigantic sound with its built-in library of expertly-designed presets.

You don’t have to choose between the sound of hardware and the convenience of software. Modular V captures everything that made the original so satisfying to work with.

Enjoy every unexpected result and get inspired with every tweak – Modular V is designed to encourage experimentation and total creative freedom.

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