Antares Auto-Tune EFX+ 10 v10.1 Windows

Antares Auto-Tune EFX+ 10 v10.1 Windows

Auto-Tune EFX+ redefines vocal processing, merging the foundational elements of Auto-Tune with the dynamic “Auto-EFX” multi-effects rack. This versatile vocal production tool introduces a spectrum of fine-tuned effects, a real-time pitch correction engine, and seamless compatibility with “Auto-Key” for worry-free key detection.

Auto-Tune EFX+: Elevate Your Vocal Tracks

Fine-Tuned Effects

Experience an abundance of creative possibilities in the studio with the built-in Multi-Effects Rack and Melodic Pattern Generator. Auto-Tune EFX+ empowers you with a toolkit of effects to transform and elevate your vocal productions.

Real-Time Pitch Correction

Achieve professional-grade Auto-Tune pitch correction with the added benefit of low-latency processing. Whether you’re performing on stage or recording in the studio, the fully adjustable “Retune Speed” and “Humanize” parameters provide precise control over the desired effect, ensuring your tracks sound polished and pitch-perfect.

Auto-Key Compatible

Auto-Tune EFX+ seamlessly integrates with “Auto-Key” (available separately), eliminating the need to manually determine the key of your music before tuning. With a single click, Auto-Key detects the key and scale, transmitting this information to Auto-Tune EFX+ for a hassle-free tuning experience.

Key Features Overview:

Core Auto-Tune features for pitch perfection

Auto-EFX Multi-Effects Rack for versatile sonic shaping

Auto-Motion Pitch Shifting Melodic Pattern Generator for dynamic patterns

Professional-grade Auto-Tune pitch correction for pristine vocals

Low-latency processing for real-time performance

Compatibility with Auto-Key for automatic key and scale detection

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