Antares Auto-Tune Unlimited 2023.12 Windows

Antares Auto-Tune Unlimited 2023.12 Windows

Antares Auto-Tune Unlimited download stands as the quintessential package, offering an all-encompassing solution tailored to refine and elevate every vocal performance to the pinnacle of perfection. As a comprehensive subscription service, it provides a robust arsenal of tools and features meticulously designed to empower artists, producers, and engineers alike in achieving unparalleled sonic excellence in vocal production.


Industry-Standard Pitch Correction:

Auto-Tune, the go-to tool for vocal tuning, is included, ensuring your vocals reach the highest standard in the industry.

Classic “Auto-Tune Effect”:

Capture the iconic sound of modern music with the often imitated but never duplicated “Auto-Tune Effect.”

Essential Vocal Production Toolkit:

Beyond pitch correction, Auto-Tune Unlimited provides a versatile collection of plugins to craft radio-ready vocal tracks.

Compatibility Across DAWs:

Seamlessly integrate Auto-Tune Unlimited into any major DAW, fostering easy collaboration with industry-standard tools.

Affordable Studio-Quality Recordings:

Gain access to the complete suite of Auto-Tune and AVOX plugins at an affordable entry cost, ensuring studio-quality recordings.

End of Paid Upgrades:

Enjoy free upgrades to the latest versions of all included plugins for as long as you subscribe, eliminating the need for paid upgrades.

Education for Success:

Benefit from free access to tech support, product tutorials, and insights from industry professionals, equipping you with the knowledge to maximize your tools.

New Vocal Effects:

Automatically receive licenses for newly released Antares plugins as they are added to Auto-Tune Unlimited, keeping your toolkit constantly updated with innovative vocal effects.

Antares Auto-Tune Unlimited is your passport to a limitless world of vocal possibilities, combining essential tools, affordability, and continuous updates to empower your creative journey.


Auto-Key v2.0.0 – Automatic Key & Scale Detection

Auto-Tune EFX+ v10.0.1 – Vocoder style Vocal Effects

Auto-Tune Pro v10.3.1 – World Standard Professional Pitch & Time Correction

Auto-Tune Slice v1.2.0 – Advanced Vocal Sampler

Auto-Tune SoundSoap v6.0.0 – Noise Cleaner

Auto-Tune Vocal Compressor v1.0.1 – Compressor

Auto-Tune Vocal EQ v1.0.0 – Equaliser

Auto-Tune Vocodist v1.1.0 – Iconic Vocoder Models

AVOX ARTICULATOR v4.3.0 – Digital Talkbox

AVOX ASPIRE v4.3.0 – Aspiration Noise Processor

AVOX CHOIR v4.3.0 – Vocal Multiplier

AVOX DUO v4.3.0 – Vocal Modeling Auto-Doubler

AVOX MUTATOR v4.3.0 – Extreme Voice Designer

AVOX PUNCH v4.3.0 – Vocal Impact Enhancer

AVOX SYBIL v4.3.0 – Variable Frequency De-Esser

AVOX THROAT v4.3.0 – Physical Modeling Vocal Designer

AVOX WARM v4.3.0 – Tube Saturation Generator

Harmony Engine v4.3.0 – Vocal Modeling Harmony Generator

Mic Mod v4.3.0 – Classic Microphone Modeler

Vocal Reverb v1.0.0 – Reverberator

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