Antares Auto-Tune Pro X v10.3.1 Windows

Antares Auto-Tune Pro X v10.3.1 Windows

Auto-Tune Pro X stands as the pinnacle of Auto-Tune advancements, offering a comprehensive set of features for professional-grade vocal pitch correction. This edition introduces a redesigned Graph Mode for meticulous pitch and time editing, Auto Mode for seamless real-time correction and effects, and native compatibility with Apple Silicon.

Revolutionary Auto-Tune Pro X

Redefined standards in professional vocal pitch correction, Auto-Tune Pro X is engineered to meet the demands of precision tuning and creative enhancements, making it an essential tool for every session.

Automatic Precision

Experience the precision of streamlined Graph Mode, allowing for incredibly accurate pitch correction capabilities. Simultaneously, Auto Mode provides an effortlessly powerful real-time editing experience, catering to both meticulous correction and creative transformations.

Artist Presets and Presets Manager

Access an exclusive collection of artist presets and leverage the new Presets Manager for a streamlined approach to fast-track your creative process. Explore a range of presets to elevate your vocal productions instantly.

Apple Silicon Native

Optimized for the latest Apple hardware, Auto-Tune Pro X offers native support for Apple Silicon processors. This ensures faster performance and increased plug-in efficiency, taking full advantage of the capabilities of modern Apple devices.

See More, Do More

Enhanced Multi-View functionality allows you to switch effortlessly between separate Auto-Tune tracks within a single window. This feature accelerates the editing process for multiple vocals, providing a faster and more efficient workflow.

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