Acustica Audio Sienna Bundle 2023 macOS

Acustica Audio Sienna Bundle 2023 macOS

Sienna is an Acqua plugin package available in VST3, AAX and AU formats. This is an ambitious project that represents a huge investment of time and energy, as well as years of careful design and development. The result of this effort is one of the most comprehensive, complex and rich plug-ins Acustica has ever created: Sienna completely transforms the ability of audio engineers to mix on the go.

It recreates the same listening experience as if you were mixing in high-end, acoustically designed studios or mastering in audiophile-grade rooms. It also gives you the option to play your tracks entirely through your headphones, through the “speakers” of various hi-fi systems, car stereos, music players and more.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Sienna features over 200 lifelike emulations of the world’s most famous headphone brands that we’ve carefully measured and profiled. In addition, 3 world-class studios (Acustica Control Room, HOG Studio Control Room 1, Spitfire Mastering Atudio), 8 high-end monitor sets, 2 consumer devices and 3 new devices based on the newly installed Dolby Atmos Sound System (stereo, surround, audio and surround sync). HOG Studio 1 includes accurate models of room emulation.

Notes: Unlike the other Volumes available, Sienna Volume A is not available as a separate download on Acquarius. The only way to get this Volume is to install the Sienna plugin.
Additional Volumes or packages require Sienna to be pre-installed on your computer.

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