Acustica Audio Sand 3 2023 macOS

Acustica Audio Sand 3 2023 macOS

Sand 3 reproduces the sonic behavior of a series of high-end British consoles that dominated the pop and pock scenes from the 1980s onwards. Sound engineers around the world rely on the forward, somewhat “aggressive” sound and logical layout of these consoles.

The Sand 3 EQ consists of 3 switchable 4-band parametric equalizers as well as 3 additional sets of high and low pass filters.
Model A is derived from a modern British console EQ.
Model B is based on another highly sought-after module from the same Oxfordshire manufacturer.

Model C is derived from a truly remarkable desk originally designed for music production, but which has since found its way into broadcast and post-production studios. It has been used on countless R&B, classical and pop recordings.

This is the first “homemade” EQ in the Sand 3 package. Based on a British console first released in 1979, today it is considered a “classic” that changed mixing forever.

Based on the 3+E model, the plug-in includes a switchable 4-band parametric equalizer, additional high and low pass filters and a preamplifier section.

This is the second of 2 “homemade” EQ models Sand offers; this model is derived from a famous console released in 1993. The plug-in consists of a preamplifier section and a switchable 4-band parametric equalizer with additional high and low pass filters.

The Sand 3 Comp is inspired by three high-end British hardware units. Nothing helps you glue your tracks together like this perfect bus compressor; in fact, this module will probably become your new favorite mix bus compressor.

The sound of the preamplifiers in a console is an integral part of what makes up the sonic fingerprint of a particular model, so when we sample any desk, we try to include individually sampled preamplifiers. This allows you to use them sequentially in your projects, thus replicating the layout and unique sound of the original hardware, or use them in any other way you choose, taking advantage of the individual response of the selected channels.

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