Acustica Audio Pink 4 2023 Windows

Acustica Audio Pink 4 2023 Windows

Pink 4 is based on a collection of American studio equipment from the late 1960s, still widely used by professional engineers worldwide. It includes 6 different EQ models, a super-flexible dynamic section with both single-band and multi-band compressors, as well as a complete collection of preamp emulation (16 line-level channels and 9 extra dedicated preamps).

Pink 4 1650 is the standalone version of the EQ section available on the channel supports and includes a few extra features.
This module consists of 5 selectable equalizer models (A, B, C, D and E) for each band, which is 2 models more convenient than the channel version.
This impressive 10-band graphic equalizer is based on a true classic from 1967.

This equalizer delivers a solid, punchy tonal range and offers precise storage as well as an enormous amount of headroom. As part of the results of the mixes of the 1960s and 70s, our consolidation is derived from the successful reprinting of the revenue in the “lunch box” format.

This module is the result of adding the sonic DNA of a sought-after series of hardware pre-amplifier units. It mimics the phase, frequency response and harmonic distortion variations of the circuits involved. Stack them between your tracks to experience that infallible analog summing effect that makes all the best analog recordings.

The Pink 2412 is derived from Pink’s channel boosts, but has been redesigned and modified to replicate similar processors, bringing in your features.
The 2412’s default mode is “crazy” mode, which increases both the accuracy and scope of the compressor response.

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