Acustica Audio Magic Flow 2023 Windows

Acustica Audio Magic Flow 2023 Windows

MAGIC FLOW is the newest Studio DMI plugin in the Acustica Acqua series (VST3/AAX/AU) featuring direction by Josh Guwin. A powerful mixing product carefully designed for a fast audio workflow based on the Josh Gudwin’s everyday workflow.

This plugin is the perfect choice for those seeking an innovative chain with a distinctive sound, ease of use and a unique feel above all, perfectly suited for the leads and backing elements of your mix.

Thanks to its special features, it aims to soon become a standard and a state-of-the-art tool for the pro-audio industry providing the most accurate digital representation of Josh Gudwin’s signature sound, combining specific features of several hardware and digital devices into a single, awesome product, capable of excellent performance and sound quality.

Key Features

Initially, the concept of MAGIC FLOW was as a vocal plugin but expanded to a hybrid channel strip built around Josh’s analog and digital workflow.

A Center Display for easy and proper comprehension

Master Insertion of Josh’s hardware chain before the digital processing

2 Preamps: one for input and one for output stage

High Quality Filters

A Peak Levelling Unit and a Dynamic EQ with pre-established parameters

A Dynamic Resonance Compressor with a Sibilants Detector

High quality Post Compression EQ with 4 different recalls

Global Dry/Wet Control

A final limiter never exceeding 0

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