Acustica Audio Gainstation 2 2023 macOS

Acustica Audio Gainstation 2 2023 macOS

Developed in collaboration with Studio DMI and renowned producer Mike Dean (Kanye West, 2Pac, Scarface, Travis Scott, 2 Chainz, Jay-Z, Drake), Gainstation 2 is the next level plug-in for distortion and creative sound management.

Gainstation is based on a series of hardware units carefully selected and modeled by Dean himself to achieve his signature sound. It lets you add power, dimension and juice to your tracks faster and more efficiently than any other plugin chain in your arsenal.

The Gainstation features 5 different sections giving you the ultimate in creative control.

The dedicated preamp section allows you to change the overall input and output levels ranging from -24dB to +24dB. The input preamp trim control allows you to increase and decrease the harmonic distortion of the preamp, easily adding “coloration” to your source.

The EQ section consists of two Pultec-style bands: Bass++ band and Air++ band.

The Bass band affects both the low frequency response and the amount of harmonic distortion thanks to integrated preamplifier emulation. To increase the harmonic level, select one of the 4 included emulations and adjust it with the preamp input trim control.

We’ve taken Gainstation 2 to a whole new level by adding a variety of powerful features to enhance performance and sound quality:

From the classic mid-range tube EQ to an amplified “Pultec-style” style EQ section with 2 new frequencies: 700 Hz (affecting the Bass++ band) and 1.5kHz (affecting the AIR++ band).

New versatile, variable texture circuits providing a global boost to both
with harmonic content and linear material can help bring life
the most boring of records.

New texture circuit knobs: Circuit emulation for more saturation in the bass and low-mids (O=Orange); circuit emulation to emphasize saturation in the highs and high-mids (B=Black); finally, a third mode that combines the characteristics of O and B into a single circuit, serializing both circuits (OB=Orange + Black).

Upgrade to Core 17.

Various plugin optimizations and graphical improvements.

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