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Acustica Audio Diamond Dynamic Saturator 2023 macOS

Studio DMI and Acustica Audio proudly unveil the Diamond Dynamic Saturator, the latest marvel in the Diamond Series of plugins. This cutting-edge addition flawlessly replicates the color and tonal nuances found in Luca Pretolesi’s favored hardware saturation units, all elegantly packed into a singular plugin.

As the freshest member of the Diamond series, this Acqua plugin (compatible with VST/VST3/AAX/AU) stands out as a robust saturation tool meticulously crafted around our Hyper saturation technology, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow.

This high-performance plugin is your go-to choice for those seeking an innovative saturator with a distinct sound and an analog touch, designed for user-friendly operation. Its adaptability seamlessly integrates into any part of your mix, proving equally effective for master bus applications.

With unique features and an intuitive design, this plugin is poised to set an industry standard—a cutting-edge tool for the pro audio domain, offering the most precise digital representation of the Studio DMI signature sound. It amalgamates select attributes from top-tier hardware devices into a groundbreaking product, consistently delivering exceptional performance and sound quality.

The distinctive impact of infusing saturation and harmonic distortion into individual audio tracks or the entire mix imparts a special warmth and flavor reminiscent of magnetic tape, physical valves, and transformers. Enter the Saturator plugin, providing a gateway to the mysterious world of analog saturation, ranging from subtle to extreme. It effortlessly magnifies both instruments and vocals, endowing them with a vast, full-bodied sound that effortlessly cuts through mixes with just a few clicks.

In the realm of audio experiences, we assure you that you’ve never encountered anything quite like the Diamond Dynamic Saturator. Embark on a journey into the realm of analog saturation, where delicacy meets extremity, and let your sound transcend expectations. We promise an auditory adventure like no other.

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