Acustica Audio Coral 2 2023 Windows

Acustica Audio Coral 2 2023 Windows

The Coral 2 includes an equalizer, a compressor, an elliptical filter and a preamplifier module, plus a new, powerful M/S Baxandall EQ that allows you to perfectly shape the tone of your masters.

Coral 2 is an extremely transparent processor thanks to the smooth, wide curves of its equalizer and the uniquely forgiving behavior of its dynamic section. In particular, the compressor applies an ultra-soft clipping layer to the signal; this gentle and musical treatment saves transients from being brutally cut.

We took inspiration from the classic Baxandall rack curves of the 1950s and created a uniquely powerful and smooth equalizer designed to be the “final EQ”. The added M/S features make this the perfect main bus EQ as well as the perfect equalizer for monitoring, mixing and mastering.

The Elliptical Filter is a cross filter followed by a stereo image controller; it changes the stereo width of the incoming signal below a user-defined frequency. The cutoff frequency can be selected from 20 stepped values from 40 Hz to 360 Hz.

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