Acustica Audio Camel 2023 Windows

Acustica Audio Camel 2023 Windows

Camel EQ Model A originates from a classic British EQ/pre module that boasts balanced mic/line inputs equipped with Lundahl balanced transformers. It showcases variable high/low pass filters and a 4-band parametric EQ. The high and low shelf filters can seamlessly transition between peak settings, and vice versa. Similarly, the two mid bands (low and high) offer a switchable Q, ranging from narrow to broad, and vice versa.

In contrast, Camel EQ Model B draws inspiration from a rare, discrete-component Class A console introduced in 1973 by a renowned recording facility in the UK’s Soho District. This console, which later transformed into a pro audio manufacturing company, played a pivotal role in crafting iconic albums such as Queen’s “A Night at the Opera” and David Bowie’s “Diamond Dogs.” Acquiring this gem with the assistance of producer and sound engineer Antonio Aki Chindamo, co-founder of Auditoria Records recording studio in Italy, we meticulously sampled its 16 line preamps, 16 mic preamps, the stereo output preamplifier (integrated into the custom preamp module of the plugin), and the complete EQ module, including its high-pass filter.

Camel’s preamp section is a fusion of samples from various hardware units, totaling 36 different mic and line preamps. These are thoughtfully organized into three switchable banks: Line, Mic, and Cust. Whether applied sequentially or randomly across your tracks, you can instantly perceive the cumulative impact of adding multiple preamps.

The Camel Compressor not only boasts a visually stunning design but also delivers on its promise. Its remarkable appearance is only surpassed by its functionality. This plugin empowers you to harness the legendary sound of the hardware units we sampled, taking your mixes to new heights. (And let’s not forget, it looks so stylish on your screen that you’ll be tempted to keep it on at all times.)

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