A.O.M. Factory Total Bundle v1.17.2 Windows

A.O.M. Factory Total Bundle v1.17.2 Windows

Total Bundle is a special license type which covers all plugins. Newly-released plugins are immediately available under a valid Total Bundle license. You can also get discount the amount of corresponding 1-year license price, when you buy each perpetual license of individual plugins in future (choose “1y to perpetual extension”).
There is no plan to provide perpetual license of Total Bundle.

Version 1.17.2 (2024-03-19)

[AAX-Native] UI scaling feature is now enabled on Pro Tools.
[Windows] Speed up installation.
[Cyclic Panner, Invisible Limiter G2, Invisible Limiter G3, Stereo Imager D, Tau Compressor Plus, Triple Fader, tranQuilizr, Wave Shredder] Prevent potential delay of meter/graph display on some exotic hosts.
[Stereo Imager D] Suppress meaningless error log under more than 800kHz (unsupported) sampling rate.
[All Plugins] Reduce wait time during host quit.
Bug Fixes
[Invisible Limiter G3] Soft Limiter section extremely sporadically stops working – Fixed.
[Invisible Limiter, Invisible Limiter G3, Kujaku, DeSibilizer, Track Symbiosis, Nu Compressor] On some hosts, which suspend its audio engine during playback stop, plugins could output tail of previously processed signals – Fixed.
[Invisible Limiter G2] Plugin do not memorize user’s latest selection of Easy/Advanced Mode settings. – Fixed.
[DeSibilizer, Track Symbiosis] Plugins potentially freeze on GUI operation under almost 100% CPU load. There is no reproduction report in the real world. – Fixed.
[Triple Fader] Limit gain change rate between +/- 0.1dB per sample.

A.O.M. Factory Total Bundle System Requirements:

x64-compatible CPU
Operating System
Windows 10 22H2 (64bit only)
Windows 11 22H2
Windows 11 23H2
Supported Plugin Format
VST2, VST3, AAX-Native, CLAP

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